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New Forum addresses the need for cultural competency among practitioners

  • 06/21/2016 10:18 AM
    Message # 4088872
    Peter Metsker (Administrator)

    Natalie Gillard

    I had the honor of participating in the conference during the poster presentation where I shared a cultural competency tool that I created. I learned when writing my abstract that some nurses are unable to deliver comprehensive care to the patients that they serve due to preconceived biases. I would love to have a forum topic that addresses the need for cultural competency among practitioners to ensure that all patients are receiving equitable care.

  • 08/14/2016 6:36 PM
    Reply # 4190813 on 4088872

    Many thanks Natalie for sharing your thoughts on cultural competence as a means to improving patient care. In addition to competence, cultural humility appears to be a key ingredient, especially in being able to remember that no one of us is a total expert on cultural knowledge, even of our respective inherited cultures. 

    The culture of caring in nursing seems to struggle from time to time for recognition as a universal and scientifically established culture within our profession. While patients are usually able to recognize caring competence in a nursing environment, sustaining that competence appears to be a struggle for some nurses and their organized work situations. 

    This is where I believe cultural humility, especially in regard to the culture of caring science in nursing, might benefit from more self acknowledgement that we are not total experts, and that we greatly depend on caring knowledge input from a varied and diverse population of healthcare providers.

    It is the mission of IAHC to become more eclectic (see August board meeting minutes) in its exploration of caring science theories within and without the nursing profession. With diversity, a need for some consistency also seems to emerge, which leads IAHC to further study various measurable aspects of caring. Caring as a measure of nursing, may become the theme of the 2017 annual conference. Input on this and related topics is invited for inclusion in this forum. Thanks.

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