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For over 40 years the International Association for Human Caring (IAHC) has provided a welcoming place for individuals from varied cultures, backgrounds, and professional disciplines to explore, discover, share knowledge and experiences related to Caring.  IAHC believes that Caring encompasses spiritual and human consciousness that connects and transforms. Our mission is to create positive Caring in healthcare, and beyond.

Belonging to IAHC will provide opportunities for you to:

Engage in Caring Science Knowledge Development and Dissemination

  •   International Journal for Human Caring (IJHC) online subscription
  •   Benefit from direct online access to the journal.
  •   Access downloadable pdfs of individual articles published in current and past issues.
  •   International Association for Human Caring Annual Conference; a 40-year tradition
  •   Earn Continuing Education at the annual IAHC conference.
  •   Receive a reduced registration rate.
  •   Present your own work at the annual conference.

Network with Leading Caring Scholars from around the Globe

  •    Meet other members and leading, interdisciplinary caring scholars at the IAHC Annual Conference. 
  •     Develop lasting personal and professional relationships with like-minded people who believe Human Caring is of vital importance to our lives and to our planet.
  •     Renew your spirit.

Establish your Presence as a Committed Caring Professional

  •     Serve on IAHC Board and/or committees.
  •     Publish in the International Journal for Human Caring.

Become an Interdisciplinary Leader in Caring Science

  •      Build, develop, enhance and grow your knowledge of caring science.
  •      Develop international leadership skills.
  •      Participate in local and global efforts to sustain Human Caring and transform organizational systems     into care-focused systems.

We invite you to Join Us.

Your presence and contributions will be valued and appreciated.

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Membership Levels

Regular Individual Membership - 1 Year - $150.00 (USD)

Retiree Annual Membership - 1 Yr. - $75.00 (USD) 

Student Membership - 1 Yr - $75.00 (USD)

Low Resource Country Regular Memberships 

One Year Reduced pricing is available to Residents of Low Resource Countries based on the World Bank Middle and Low income status categories. Please check the World Bank website to determine individual country status https://data.worldbank.org/country to determine eligibility. 

Low Resource Country Regular Individual Membership - $60.00 (USD)

Low Resource Country Retiree Membership - $30.00 (USD)

Low Resource Country Student Membership - $30.00 (USD)

Journal Only - $300.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year subscription to the International Journal for Human Caring

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