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Journal and IAHC Virtual Journal Club

The International Journal for Human Caring (IJHC), the official journal of the IAHC, is a  peer-reviewed quarterly which serves as a forum for identifying major philosophical, epistemological and professional dimensions of care and caring to advance the body of knowledge of human care.  

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Learn about the benefits of joining the IAHC including access to our
peer-reviewed quarterly journal, annual conference and connecting with IAHC Caring scholars


The IAHC Annual Conference has provided an opportunity for Caring scholars to meet, share and learn since 1978. We invite you to join us at our next conference.

2021 Conference   

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About IAHC 

The core philosophy of the association is based on the belief that caring is the
essence of nursing and caring is the unique and unifying focus of the profession.

The IAHC  has a rich history and dedication to the IAHC Mission, Vision and Goals. We invite you to learn more about the IAHC.

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Welcoming the New year, a Letter from the President

Dear Community of the International Association of Human Caring (IAHC),

As President of IAHC I am writing to wish you a Happy New Year and invite you to engage even more deeply in our community to investigate, and advance concepts of caring. Last year challenged us to advance concepts of caring, but we met that challenge with an impressive community effort. We found we were able to expand use of our community’s journal, the International Journal of Human Caring (IJHC), by sharing specific journal articles from IJHC twice a month within well attended journal clubs. Our Past President, Dr. Shirley Gordon, moderates these clubs and each month we have well over 100 attend from around the world. Journal club sessions are open to everyone and IAHC members can access the journal club video recordings on our website at any time they wish.

Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Zane Wolf and the editorial team, IJHC was accepted for inclusion in Scopus, Elsevier’s abstract and citation database. IJHC is now among over 34,000 peer-reviewed journals. We celebrate this success as a community. I should also note that Dr. Wolf was recently voted in the top 2% of scientists around the world among 7 million scientists studied. You can read the full report at https://www.lasalle.edu/blog/2020/12/30/stanford-study-lists-two-la-salle-professors-among-top-global-scientists/

The 2020 conference was changed from an onsite to virtual conference. Thanks to the Education Committee, they were able to launch our community’s first virtual conference. We had about the same number attend our 2020 conference as our in-person conferences. Continuing education credits were provided for those who attended. Well done Education Committee!!!

Throughout 2020 other committees continued to support the aims of our community:

    • The Scholarship Committee gave out several scholarships and awards as well as securing new ones for 2021. All awards are explained on our website.
    • The Bylaws Committee was active keeping the organization of the community consistent with changing times.
    • The Succession Committee, Membership Committee, History and Archives, and newly forming Communications Committee were all active to support you and help us  network and advance concepts of caring.

We invite you to consider becoming involved in any of the committees!  

We look forward to offering a virtual conference for you in June 2021, entitled Exploring Inclusive and Diverse Caring in Healthcare and Beyond. Watch our website for the conference schedule. We are also planning for 2022 conference  and plan on providing an option to attend our conference in person, or virtually. Watch for the unfolding plans!

I, along with the Board of Directors, look forward to working together in 2021 to advance concepts of caring around the world.  Please visit our website humancaring.org to find opportunities for service in caring, networking, or education.

Kind regards,

John Nelson

President, International Association of Human Caring

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Anne Boykin Institute        Watson Caring Science Institute


Address: P.O. Box 6703 * Grand Rapids, MI  49516

Email: assoc.manager@humancaring.org

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