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Disclaimer: The Virtual Journal Club is a free learning and networking opportunity offered by IAHC. At this time, IAHC is not able to offer CE credits without partnering with a CE provider. 

Participants attending Virtual Journal Club sessions will earn a certificate of attendance for 1.5 hours after completing the program evaluation.  The certificate does not include a CE provider number and therefore may not meet all professional continuing education requirements. We encourage you to check with your state and certifying organization(s) to determine specific CEU requirements

Upcoming Events

    • 04/20/2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online - Link Provided Prior to Session

    Join the International Association for Human Caring to discuss the journal publication: 

    Mental Health: The Caribbean Immigrant Experience

    Mental Health_ The Caribbean Immigrant Expereince_SHAW.pdf 

    Join us for a discussion of the global mental health movement and the importance of integrating local traditions into care practices.  Dr. Shaw encourages us to view mental health through the eyes of people immigrating from the Caribbean and describes the need for culturally relevant policies.  

    • Discussion and review
    • There is no cost to attend, but you must register in advance

    Presenter: Hope Shaw PhD., BA, RN, CNOR - Bio

    Moderator:  Dr. Shirley Gordon

    Online Zoom Meeting

    Please Note we are offering only One (1) Session. 

    The session will be on the 20th in the evening at 7pm, est.

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    Registration closes on April 19th.

    • 05/05/2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)
    • Virtual - Zoom Meeting

    IAHC's Conversation with a Theorist Series

    continues with a presentation on the

    Community Nursing Model

    Conversation with a Theorist on May 5th at 7:00 pm

    The purpose of this event is to create space for discussing current trends and issues influencing nursing practice. The conversation will focus on the Community Nursing Model

    The “Caring Conversations” is a free learning and networking opportunity offered by IAHC. At this time, IAHC is not able to offer CE credits without partnering with a CE provider.

    Charlotte D. Barry, PhD, RN; NCSN, FAAN

    Professor and Master Teacher

    Editor, Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Nursing and Health Sciences

    Florida Atlantic University

    Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing


    Associate Professor

    Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University

    • 06/01/2021
    • 12:00 AM (EDT)
    • 09/01/2021
    • 11:30 PM (EDT)
    • Virtual

    42nd Annual IAHC Conference

    2021 Conference Theme

    Exploring Inclusive and Diverse Caring in Healthcare and Beyond

    Continuously on demand

    from June 1 – September 1, 2021. 

    Hosted by:  The International Association for Human Caring

    Keynote Speakers:

    Opportunity for Diversity

    Views from a Conversation Circle

    Dr. Connie Hunt - Bio

    The History of the African-American Nurse

    Built on a Foundation of Caring and Love

    Dr. Tara Nichols - Bio

    Opportunities for Equity in Nursing Curriculums

    Dr. Marie Therese Jamison - Bio

    Presentation formats include pre-recorded podium, workshop, and symposium; also electronic poster.

    • $200 for members
    • $350 for non-members
    • $125 for students and low resource countries (member and non-member)

    2021 IAHC Virtual Conference on Demand

    Planned Presentations

    Exploring Inclusive and Diverse Caring in Healthcare and Beyond

     48 Contact Hours Applied for through: American Holistic Nursing Association  

    You may apply for a CE certification by watching videos equal to:

    48 Hours Certificate

    24 Hours Certificate

    12 Hours Certificate

    Keynote Presenter and Address Title   -  60 Minutes Each      

    Dr. Connie Hunt:   Opportunity for Diversity; Views from a Conversation in Circle                 

    Dr. Tara Nichols:   The history of the African-American Nurse: Built on a foundation of caring and love

    Dr. Marie Therese Jamison: Opportunities for Equity in Nursing Curricula

    Workshop Presentations - 90 Minutes Each      

    Kaija Fredborg:  Curricular Innovations to Dismantle White Supremacy in Nursing Practice            

    Theresa Chase:   Broken Wings: Integrating Students with Disabilities into Health Science Education

    Charlotte Barry:  Teaching/Learning Caring in Nursing within the Context of Simulation

    Symposium Presenters and Titles - 90 Minutes Each      

    Ryan De Torres:   An Integrative Review of Interventions to Promote Culturally Congruent Care for Sexual and Gender Minorities

    Mary Ellen Wright:  Calls for Caring in Complex Situations: A View of Help-Seeking

    Michelle Spadoni:  A Sense of Brokenness: Sr. Simone Roach’s Philosophy of Compassion During Covid-19

    Podium Presentations: Practice - 30 Minutes Each

    Regine Placide Reaves:  Application of Caring Theory for Parents of Children with Special Healthcare Needs

    Christine Griffin:  Compassion Without Fatigue

    Kelly Morrow:  The Unintended Consequences of Privileging Process over People in Care Settings

    Nur-Fadzilah Anyaman:  Journey to the Unexplored Setting: The Lived Experience of Occupational Health Nurses

    Sophia Cyril Vincent:  Geriatric Giants and E-Home Care: A Scoping Review

    Ana Esteban:  Application of the 12E2 Formula to Address the Opioid Epidemic

    Zahra Rahimi:  Terminology and Culturally Competent Care for Diverse Individuals at End of Life

    Freslyn Lim-Saco:  Emotional Sentience as Caring for Persons Sustained with Technologies at the End-of-Life

    Parastu Barnett:  COVID-19: An Organizational Theoretical-Guided Self-Caring Resilience Gu

    Jennifer Drake:  Tea for the Soul: Fostering Resilience and Soul Care in the Pandemic and Beyond

    Rudolf Cymorr Kirby Martinez:  Caring Phonesis and the Liminality of AI Advancement: Implications for Nursing and Nurses

    Rachel Johnson:  Together with Veterans, Unitary Caring Science in Communitas Coaching to Prevent Veteran Suicide in Rural U.S. Communities

    Denise Laws:  Effect of A Cappela Song on Caritas Qualities in Medical-Surgical Nurses

    Elin Hoyvik:  Patient Participation in Nursing Homes

    Suzanne Joy Bell:  Holistic Care in a Broken World

    Mary Ann Friesen:  Supporting a Culture of Inquiry and Inclusion through Human Caring

    Elizabeth Kinchen:  Patient and Provider Experiences with Healthcare Decision-Making: A Qualitative Study

    Maryann Malloy:  Does Structured Discharge Education in the NICU Improve the Parent’s Readiness for Discharge?

    Mary Ann Leavitt:  Nursing and Engineering: Creating Collaborations to Advance Caring in Education, Research, and Practice

    Shirley Gordon:  Caring for Persons with Stigmatized Conditions: Theory of Shared Vulnerability

    Joseph Stern:  Grief Connects Us

    Tomato Nishihira:  The Child-Rearing of Filipino Mothers Whose Positive Emotion was Cultivated by Reciprocal Caring

    Patrick Palmeri:  Nurse Caring Behaviors Perceived by Hospitalized Patients during COVID-19: A Cross Sectional Study in Peru

    Armiel Suriaga:  Nurses’ Perspective on Diverse Caring During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Sylvain Brrousseau:  Embracing a Political Caring Literacy Model to Inform a Human Caring Policy within Healthcare Organizations

    Podium Presentations: Education - 30 Minutes Each

    Jill Van Der Like:  Using a Virtual Megacode Simulation for Diverse Caring during COVID-19

    Jane Sumner:  My Story: To Be Cared for or Uncared for?

    Marilyn A. Ray:  Transcultural Caring Dynamics as a Focus of Inclusivity and Diversity

    Jan Anderson:  Caring Curriculum in the Caritas Coach Education Program®: A Curriculum that Addresses our “Ethical Demand” to Care for One Another

    Deborah Shields:  Coming Back: Living the Theory of Healing in a Graduate Nursing Course

    Madeline Thomas:  The Emancipation of My Nursing Identify

    Suzie Kaye:  Integrating Caring Theory in Simulation Pre-Work, Simulation, and Debriefing

    Yan Ming:  Applying a Humanistic CARE Model to Promote Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion

    Mary Wilby:  Moving Toward a More Diverse Nursing Workforce

    Lynne A. Wagner:  Caring Moments of Transpersonal Vulnerability: Stirring Heart, Connection, and Hope-moved to Aesthetic

    Lynne Dunphy:  Coming to Know Other through the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Catherine Stubin:  A Call to Intervene: Suicide Risk among Nursing Students

    Amanda Shilo:  Clinical Instructor Perceptions of Caring by Male Nursing Students

    Deborah Schuhmacker:  Inclusivity of Care Beyond the Body Physical: Deep Care, a Diverse Dimension for Spirit and Soul

    Ma. Luisa Molano-Pirzan:  Nursing Knowledge for the Care of the Person: Project-Based Learning

    Dimitri Letourneau:  Student’s Development of a Humanistic Caring Practice through the Learning of a Nursing Conceptual Model

    Margaret Erickson:  Embracing Different Worldviews: The Pathway to Inclusivity in Healthcare

    Geraldine Hider:  Three Vital Intentions: Respecting Ethical Integrity in Narrative and Narrator

    Marcia Hills:  A Theoretical/Philosophical Framework for Caring Science Curriculum

    Chantal Cara:  The Humanistic Model of Nursing Care-UdeM: It’s added Value Informing Educator’s Caring Teaching Practice

    Kathleen Clark:   Title

    Gayle Casterline & Anna S. Hamrick:  The Lived Experience of Holistic-Self-Care

    Podium Presentations: Research           30 Minutes Each

    Holly Wei:  Perioperative nurses’ burnout and stress biomarker telomere biology: Indications for human caring during the pandemic

    Iril Panes:  Intertwining Spirality-Synchrony Theory within the Realm of Mental Illness

    Sillmark Bacason:  Nurse-Led Community-Based Mental Care: A Shift in Mental Health Nursing Practice

    Mary Brigd Martin:  Nursing Theory: A Basis for Instrument Development Using Tappen’s Concept Tree Approach

    Colleen A. Maykut:  Mapping Our Nursing Essence

    Abdulkarim Agga:  Culture-Based Health Practices in Tribal Communities and Challenges of the Nurses: Basis for Health Education

    Maria Bjorkmark:  Living Between Two Worlds: Experiences of Life After Religious Disaffiliation

    Zahra Rahimi:  Diversity of End-of-Life Care Preferences among Older Adults

    Katherine Heinze:  Moral Resilience and the Moral Community of Healthcare Inter-Professionals

    Elizabeth Adenmosun:  Caring Attributes in Interventions for Sexual Risk Behaviors among Adolescents

    Elizabeth Olafson:  Embodying Parenting in the Midst of Conflicting Complexity

    Seham Alselami:  The Unitary Caring Lived Experience of Family-Givers of Hospitalized Patients with Stroke in Saudi Arabia

    Lida Nikfarid:  Caring in the Context of Iranian Mysticism and Wisdom

    Lisa Wiese:  Maximizing Inclusivity in Research by Applying Caring Science Concepts

    Caroline Dorsen:  The Meaning and Impact of Gender Affirmation: An Exploratory Study

    Kate Reid:  VOICES: South Island New Zealand Pilot: Survey of Bereaved People

    John Nelson: Invariance Testing to Advance Assessment of Caring Globally

    Podium Presentations: Aesthetic - 30 Minutes Each

    Joseph Giovannoni:  We are Luminous Energy Field

    Ms. Jihan Mahmood Al-hadhrami:  Radical Forgiveness: A Tool of Caring for the Critical Ill Patient

    Pamela Coombs Delis:  An Aesthetic Examination of Chronic Illness Using the Kawa Model

    Virtual Poster Hall                 2 hours

    Savina Schoenfofer:  The Nursing as Caring Natural Language

    Charlotte Weiss:  Inviting Diverse and Inclusive Teaching/Learning Environments in Higher Education

    Narciso Quidley-Rodgriguez:  Caring for Sexual and Gender Minorities Utilizing Mayeroff’s Caring Ingredients

    Erin McGinnis:  Preferred Self-Care Behaviors of Participants Who Have Completed a Caring Science Online Course

    Charlotte Weiss:  Concept Analysis of Disenfranchised Grief: To Awaken our Caring Humanity

    Seham Alseami:  Conceptualization of Family Caregiving Within a Unitary Caring Perspective

    Mary Doan:  Power and Resilience in Nursing Students During a Pandemic

    Samirh Said Alghtani:  A Systematic Review of Family Caregivers of Persons with Serious Mental Illness in Non-Western Countries

    Trudi Sabaj:  Academic and Healthcare Partnership: Co-creating Research on Caring

    Michelle Ferguson:  Open Myc: Carving out Creative Spaces for Nursing Aesthetic Expressions


    Links to presentations will be emailed to registrants in June

    This activity has been submitted to the American Holistic Nurses Association for approval to award contact hours. The American Holistic Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.  


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