IAHC Committees

History and Archives

Lynne Wagner Chair

Patrick Dean Member


Marlienne Goldin Chair

Patrick Dean Member

Beth King Member

Denise Bailey Member

Patrick Dean                     Ex Officio Member

By-Laws - Ad Hoc Committee

Shirley Gordon Co-Chair

Marilyn Ray Co-Chair

Joan Dorman Member

Lynne Wagner Member

Patrick Dean                      Ex Officio Member

International Journal for Human Caring


Zane Wolf                      Editor-in-Chief


Kathy Sitzman               Assistant Editor


Nancey France               Assistant Editor


Marian Turkel                 Assistant Editor


Charlotte Barry               Assistant Editor


A Lynne Wagner             Assistant Editor 


Shirley Gordon               Ex Officio Member

IAHC By-Laws

Scholarships and Awards

Beth King Chair

Charlotte Barry   Member

Elizabeth Olafson Member

Dawn Hawthorne Member

Patrick Dean                            Ex Officio Member

Leadership Succession

Shirley Gordon Chair

Charlotte Barry Board Member

John Nelson Board Member

Marion Turkel Member at Large

Patrick Dean Past President




Members of 2017 Conference Planning Committee

Colleen Maykut (Co-Chair)

Carol Wild (Co-Chair)

Carolyn Kane Member

Shirley Gordon Member

Patrick Dean                            Ex Officio Member

Communications - Ad Hoc Committee

Address: P.O. Box 6703 * Grand Rapids, MI  49516

Email: assoc.manager@humancaring.org

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