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IAHC Committees

History and Archives

Lynne Wagner Chair


Marlienne Goldin Chair

Kathy SitzmanMember

Shirley Gordon                Ex Officio Member

By-Laws - Ad-Hoc Committee

Mary Ellen Wright         Chair/Board Member

Charlotte Barry               Board Member  

John Nelson                     President

International Journal for Human Caring


Zane Wolf Editor-in-Chief

Kathy Sitzman                Assistant Editor

Nancey France               Assistant Editor, Book Reviews & Continuing Education

Marian Turkel                 Assistant Editor, Continuing Education

Charlotte Barry               Assistant Editor, Essays

A Lynne Wagner             Assistant Editor, Poetry 

Shirley Gordon               Assistant Editor, Continuing Education 


IAHC By-Laws

Scholarships and Awards

Charlotte Barry                Member

Elizabeth Olafson            Co-Chair

Dawn Hawthorne             Co-Chair

Leadership and Succession

Charlotte Barry         Chair Member

Shirley Gordon         Past President

Rebecca Turpin  Board Member

Mark Beck Board Member



2021 Annual Conference Planning Committee

Kathy Sitzman  Chair/IAHC President

Jan Anderson Chair Abstracts Committee

Beth Olafson Board Member

Mary Ellen Wright Board Member

Colleen Maykut Board Member

John Nelson President

Education - Ad-Hoc Committee 

Shirley Gordon Chair

Kathy Sitzman President 

Jan Anderson Director

Dawn Hawthorne Director

Lorraine Gdantez Member

Donna Hedges Member

Rebecca Leach Member

Dona Molyneaux Member

Arne Wilheim Rehnsfeldt Member

Maryanne Sandberg Member

Danielle Leone-Sheehan Member

Dawn Taylor Member

Diane Updyke Member

Communications - Ad-Hoc Committee

John Nelson Chair President

Diane Updyke Co-Chair

Maryanne Sandberg Member

Karen White-Trevino Member

Danielle Leone-Seehan Member

Sharyl Toscano Member

Rhonda Jones Member

Lorraine Gdanetz Member

Tara Nichols Member

IAHC Supporting

Anne Boykin Institute        Watson Caring Science Institute


Address: P.O. Box 6703 * Grand Rapids, MI  49516

Email: assoc.manager@humancaring.org

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