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IAHC Caring Conversations - Focus on Decolonizing Nursing Practice

  • 03/04/2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Virtual Zoom Meeting


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Please join IAHC as we host our inaugural “Caring Conversations” Thursday March 4, 2021 1900-2030 (EST) with facilitators, Dr. Savina Schoenhofer and Dr. Colleen Maykut. 

March 4, 2021   7:00 Eastern Time Zone  -  Time Zone Converter

The purpose of this event is to create space for discussing current trends and issues influencing nursing practice. The conversation will focus on “Decolonizing Nursing Practice”.

The “Caring Conversations” is a free learning and networking opportunity offered by IAHC. At this time, IAHC is not able to offer CE credits without partnering with a CE provider.

Questions to guide your readings and the discussion include:

  1. How do we, as individuals, analyze and challenge our assumptions and beliefs about individuals, nursing practice, and privilege?
  2. How do we, as a collective by virtue of being members of a society, unwittingly maintain and reproduce the very sociopolitical structures we challenge and critique? What benefits are there for maintaining a status quo of white privilege?
  3. How do we, as a profession, utilize our morality and assigned code of ethics to enact social justice to foster liberation from an equity, diversity, and  inclusion (EDI) perspective?

Articles with a common theme will be shared with registrants prior to the event.

Decolonization is the process of deconstructing colonial ideologies of the superiority and privilege of Western thought and approaches” 

Wolf, Z. R. (in proof 2021). Racism and nursing: A preliminary reflection on literature (Editorial). International Journal for Human Caring, 25(1), 1-4.  (Download)

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McGibbon, E., Mulaudzi, F. M., Didham, P., Barton, S., & Sochane, A. (2014). Toward decolonizing nursing: The colonization of nursing and strategies for increasing the counter-narrative. Nursing Inquiry, 21(3), 179–191. DOI: 10.1111/nin.12042 (Available through ResearchGate from author (Download

Waite, R., & Nardi, D. (2017). Nursing colonialism in America: Implications for nursing leadership. Journal of Professional Nursing, 35, 18–25. (Download)  

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