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Caring Stories in Practice

  • 07/12/2016 3:50 PM
    Message # 4128111
    Peter Metsker (Administrator)

    This forum is open to general discussions for real world Caring Stories.

  • 07/12/2016 4:03 PM
    Reply # 4128144 on 4128111

    Good afternoon, this is our first post for Caring Stories in Practice, which I am pleased to help support as a forum for telling our stories of Caring Theories as they are applied in the practice setting.


    I will kick off with a Caring Story shared by an ER nurse.


    "While caring for a patient in the ER, a patient was very anxious.  One of the environmental service (EVS) employees was passing by the room.  The patient asked if the EVS employee would stay with her and hold her hand.  The EVS staff member stayed throughout the procedure and gently stroked the patient's hand.  The ER nurse shared with me how thrilled she was to observe the transpersonal caring between the patient and the EVS staff member and how each left the experience markedly affected for the better." 

  • 08/03/2016 11:49 AM
    Reply # 4171291 on 4128111

    Brooks, thank you for sharing this story of caring.  It is an excellent reminder that "all persons are caring by virtue of being human" and that while caring is lived in all disciplines!

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