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The goals of the IAHC are to:

  1. Identify major philosophical, metaphysical, ontological, epistemological, aesthetic, personal, sociocultural, and professional dimensions of care and caring, including caring theories, to advance the body of knowledge that constitutes nursing and other caring professions.
  2. Promote the educational preparation of caring professionals to develop interprofessional caring practice models and collaborative partnerships.
  3. Use caring knowledge to transform organizational systems, communities, and societies.
  4. Illuminate the nature, science, and scope, of evidence-informed caring research and its relationship to caring professions.
  5. Identify the major components, processes and patterns of caring from a global perspective within the United Nations millennium goals.
  6. Support the facilitation of caring knowledge in diverse, global bureaucratic practice settings to humanize complex systems to provide human caring for health, healing, well being, and the dying process.
  7. Stimulate the worldwide, systematic investigation of caring by caring scholars and share findings with colleagues at an annual research conference.
  8. Disseminate caring knowledge through refereed publications and public forums.
  9. Maintain an organization with elected officers and members for the purpose of sustaining a network of caring scholars.

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